For the 2016 National Pro Grid League season, athletes worldwide will become draft eligible by completing the new online combine application. This is the first step toward becoming a professional athlete and earning your chance to be drafted by one of the NPGL’s eight teams across the United States.

The new online process allows us to meet the growing demand from athletes both nationally and internationally who want to be involved with GRID. Without having to worry about planning and expenses involved with travel to combines, you can still pursue your dream and become draft eligible for the 2016 season from wherever you are on the globe.

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All athletes — no matter if you live in the same city as one of the teams or across an ocean — have equal shot to get signed or drafted into the league. Last season, the NPGL featured players from Australia, Argentina, Russia, New Zealand, Canada and Sweden. In 2016, your opportunity to be drafted will call upon not only on your talent, but also how well you understand the sport. GRID racing involves teams built mainly of specialists, and this year we offer you the chance to highlight your strengths. We are giving you the opportunity to explain what skills makes YOU vital to a team.

The NPGL invites athletes to use this opportunity to demonstrate where they best fit across the specialties of GRID. The online combine has certain minimum requirements, plus additional optional tests. Use best judgment in considering which best showcase your skills.

All applicants will be required to:

1. Obtain a GRIDScore™, which involves completing five (5) mandatory tests and submitting the results of those tests.

2. Submit at least three videos. They can be any combination from the following:

  • Any of the five GRIDScore™ tests

  • Any of the six elements listed in the two optional tests

We have three categories of tests: GRIDScore™, specialty tests and a skills checklist. The variety allows you to submit data to best showcase your specialty. The three required videos need only come from the first two categories. You can submit more than three videos, but that is not required. Coaches and scouts look forward to seeing you in action.


  • Muscle-up: complete as many unbroken ring muscle-ups as possible, recording reps and total time.

  • Thruster: complete 20 thrusters (135 lb for men; 95 lb for women) as fast as possible, subject to a 4-minute time cap.

  • Rope climb: complete four (4) rope climbs to a height of 15 feet, each as fast as possible, subject to a 2-minute time cap.

  • Clean and jerk: complete a two-repetition maximum clean and jerk, subject to a 20-second time cap. Start with chest to deck.

  • Metcon: 15 burpee box-overs (30"/24" box) followed by 15 toes-to-bar followed by 15 power snatches (135 lb for men; 95 lb for women) for total time. Subject to a 5-minute time cap.

The expanded specialty testing featured this year was created to showcase your personal skillset as an athlete. Are you an ex-football player who moves heavy weight super fast? Are you a collegiate gymnast who has ninja-like body-weight talent? Are your skills varied, making you a solid generalist? When it comes to impressing scouts, use your best judgment on how you can stand out from the field. If you want to submit more than three videos, we’d love to see them.

Additional Specialty Tests

Mirror Tests

(Note: These are optional separate tests. Should you choose to submit video for one or all three, they do not have to be performed in succession.)

  • Hang cleans 245 lb men/155 lb women, 10 unbroken for time

  • Hang snatches 205/140, 10 unbroken for time

  • Push jerks 285/175, 10 unbroken for time

Jack and Jill Tests

(Note: These are optional separate tests. Should you choose to submit video for one or all three, they do not have to be performed in succession.)

Max unbroken sets, recording number of reps:

  • Handstand push-ups

  • Toes-to-rings to back-uprise

  • Double-touches (toes-to-bar followed immediately by chest-to-bar pull-up)

Skills Checklist:

(Note: These are optional separate tests for which you can submit data to help showcase your skills. No videos are required from this category.)

  • Max snatch

  • Max power snatch

  • Max clean and jerk

  • Max clean

  • Max power clean

  • Max press

  • Max push press

  • Max jerk

  • Max thruster

  • Max back squat

  • Max front squat

  • Max overhead squat

  • Max deadlift

  • Max unbroken muscle-ups

  • Max unbroken chest-to-bar pull-ups

  • Max unbroken handstand push-ups

  • Max unbroken freestanding handstand push-ups

  • Max unbroken double-unders

  • Max unbroken toes-to-bar

  • Max distance handstand walk

  • Max unbroken double-touches

  • Max unbroken triple-touches

The submission system will open March 1 and be LIVE through April 11.

All of the athlete data will be kept private, accessible only within the league and made available to the coaching staffs of the NPGL’s eight teams — Los Angeles Reign, New York Rhinos, Boston Iron, DC Brawlers, Phoenix Rise, Miami Surge, San Francisco Fire and Baltimore Anthem. If a team selects you to become draft eligible, you will receive an invitation to the 2016 NPGL Draft from the league by April 19.

In addition to submitting your application, we encourage you to share your own social media posts and videos, tagging the NPGL with #GRID2016  #NPGL @gridleague.

For any questions regarding the 2016 online combine or draft, please direct them to

Video Submission Tips

  • Athletes should start the video by stating their name and which test is being performed.

  • Athletes should position camera to the side (rather than head-on) so it captures full range of movement with tests.

  • All video submissions should be uncut and unedited in order to accurately display the performance.

  • Additional guidelines will be outlined in the online application.

About GRID:

GRID is the world’s first professional spectator sport with two co-ed teams racing head-to-head in a two-hour match. It incorporates speed, skill and strategy in a test of endurance through a variety of weightlifting and body-weight elements. Each two-hour match features two 14-person teams (7 women, 7 men) going head-to-head in 11 races. GRID has eight NPGL teams: Los Angeles Reign, New York Rhinos, Boston Iron, DC Brawlers, Phoenix Rise, Miami Surge, San Francisco Fire and Baltimore Anthem. Visit for more information, and follow National Pro Grid League on Facebook, @TheGridLeague on Twitter, @GridLeague on Instagram and download the GRID League app.