The results are in and the votes have been tallied, revealing the 2016 All-GRID honorees. We present a first and second team, plus reserves.

The positions reflect the composition of a GRID team: male and female body-weight specialist, male and female generalist and a male and female closer. The reserves would be those players who would come off the bench mid-match to take on Race 8 (Jack and Jill) or Race 11 (Sprint Relay.)

The DC Brawlers have the most players on the All-GRID team this season, with five standouts. The Phoenix Rise, who dethroned the two-time league champion Brawlers on Sept. 7, have four players on the team. But they also claim the 2016 MVP, Blaine McConnell.

For the second year in a row, Phoenix strongman Danny Nichols has been named All-GRID male closer. His counterpart on the female side, Jessica Phillips, makes an all-Rise closing team, part of the reason the Rise were so successful in 2016. The Rise’s Bjork Odinsdottir and Marcus Filly, who was critical for Phoenix all over the GRID, earned All-GRID body-weight specialist and generalist, respectively.

The DC Brawlers’ Ryan Elrod earned the top nod for the second year in a row as male body-weight specialist, with the San Francisco Fire's Eric Cardona taking the second-team spot. Elrod is joined by teammate Alyssa Ritchey for first-team female body-weight specialist — a testament to the talent of the body-weight end of DC’s roster. It is also notable that DC's Nick DelGrande, the consummate generalist, was named first-team reserve, and Jessica Rhaly and Taylar Stallings were also named All-GRID, Rhaly as a generalist and Stallings as closer.

The Boston Iron, who met Phoenix in the championship match, were represented well with Jessa Lemoine being named first-team generalist, and Tola Morakinyo and Jaime Gold getting second-team honors.

Congratulations to all of the athletes who were named to the 2016 All-GRID team and second team. Also notable on the reserve team were Louis Arnold, who made an impact for the LA Reign in the regular season, and the Baltimore Anthem's Christen Wagner, who always comes through for her team on the GRID.

You can watch the All-GRID players and all the teams in action on TV as the 2016 NPGL season is airing on TV from now until the end of the year. Four different networks are showing multiple airings of the matches. Check out the listings here to see which network serves your area.


1st Team

2nd Team

Body-Weight Specialist: Male Ryan Elrod
DC Brawlers

Eric Cardona
San Francisco Fire
Body-Weight Specialist: Female Alyssa Ritchey
DC Brawlers

Bjork Odinsdottir
Phoenix Rise
Generalist: Female Jessa LeMoine
Boston Iron
Jessica Rhaly
DC Brawlers
Generalist: Male Marcus Filly
Phoenix Rise

Tola Morakinyo
Boston Iron
Closer: Female Jessica Phillips
Phoenix Rise

Taylar Stallings
DC Brawlers
Closer: Male Danny Nichols
Phoenix Rise

Nick Bloch
New York Rhinos


Male 1

Female 1

Nick DelGrande
DC Brawlers
Jaime Gold
Boston Iron

Male 2

Female 2

Louis Arnold
LA Reign
Christen Wagner
Baltimore Anthem